• Policies, procedures, reports, tutoring, advanced courses, transfer information and more can be found in this helpful resource academic resource...
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  • The Doctors Charter School Student Council is the structure for all non-academic groups that meet in the middle and high school and are governed…
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  • Enrollment for school year 2016-2017. Summary of documents that students MUST have on file at the time of registration can be found here...
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  • Get connected and join the PTSA. By joining you will receive simple reminders of upcoming events, activities, important meetings, and more...
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Free tools and resources for Students, Parents & Teachers beyond the classroom.

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Information on policies, procedures, transfers, tutoring, homework & more.

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About Us

We are a college prep school in Miami Shores, Florida.

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Student Handbook

2016-17 Student/Parent Handbook & Code of Conduct.

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Students must wear the proper uniform while on campus.
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Resources and information are always available and right at your fingertips.

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Advice, Sports, Music, Lifestyle and Cartoons for Students by Students!

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Hawks on and off the field

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Tunes and Talent!

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Reviews and more!

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