Community Service

In the spirit of the Mission and Values of Doctors Charter School, there is a strong commitment to its Community Service Program. It is expected that students complete a minimum required amount of community service hours. These hours must be completed before the designated review day.     

The responsibility of attending agencies and completing hours during the school year falls on the individual student. It is our hope that Doctors Charter School students will reach a level of involvement at a particular site that exceeds the minimum required number of hours.

All community service hours must be completed at school-recognized and approved agencies and properly documented with the Coordinator of the Community Service Program.

Completion of 25 hours per school year is a graduation requirement for a total of 100 hours. Community hours must be submitted by the end of the 3rd nine week period. Please note that to qualify for the Academic Scholars Award of the Bright Futures Scholarship Program a minimum of 75 hours of service during High School is required.

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