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    The Hawks of Morning

    by Peter S. Gardner

    The union of mind to mind,
    Spirit to spirit,
    In the enfolding light of the inner world,
    Life protracted, life infused,
    Rise to the long mountains of white brilliance,
    Of deep roots and high air,
    Live forever in the forests of shade,
    Cool climbing to the heart's completion.

    The river pools in harmony to the spheres,
    Where one began - green hills and elm groves,
    Leaves like soft hands in winds,
    Taken, the fleet sky musings, to flight
    With the birds of the heights,
    With the hawks of morning,
    With the wings of azure evening,
    With the rising noon heat of the floating breath.

The hawk was chosen as the school mascot by the students of Doctors Charter School in the fall of 2005.
Luis Hidalgo and Gyasi Weir, both 9th grades, won the art competition to draw the mascot.


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