Student Government

The Doctors Charter School Student Council is the structure for all non-academic groups that meet in the middle and high school and are governed by a Bylaw. Amendments to these bylaws will require a two-thirds majority vote by the Doctors Charter School high school community.

Final approval of this bylaw and any amendments to it must be given by the Faculty Sponsor and the Executive Director of the school. The Doctors Charter School Student Council will seek to provide the structure, the organization, the guidance and the personal attention that is vital in enabling individuals to express themselves, to learn about people and to grow in wisdom while serving the larger community.

Through its support of group activities, the Student Council will aid each student and faculty member in finding a unique role for serving the school and an active means for participation in the community. In order to carry out this objective, the Student Council opens all of its meetings to anyone in the high school community.

The Student Council wants to enhance the quality of life at Doctors Charter School by empowering each person to engage actively and personally in creating an atmosphere that fosters self-development and community concern in accordance with philosophy and mission of our school. Two students from the middle and high school will be appointed for the PTSA Board.

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