The Doctors Charter School Student Council is the structure for all non-academic groups that meet in the middle and high school and are governed by a Bylaw. Amendments to these bylaws will require a two-thirds majority vote by the Doctors Charter School high school community. Final approval of this bylaw and any amendments to it must be given by the Faculty Sponsor and the Executive Director of the school.

The Doctors Charter School Student Council will seek to provide the structure, the organization, the guidance and the personal attention that is vital in enabling individuals to express themselves, to learn about people and to grow in wisdom while serving the larger community. Through its support of group activities, the Student Council will aid each student and faculty member in finding a unique role for serving the school and an active means for participation in the community. In order to carry out this objective, the Student Council opens all of its meetings to anyone in the high school community.

The Student Council wants to enhance the quality of life at Doctors Charter School by empowering each person to engage actively and personally in creating an atmosphere that fosters self-development and community concern in accordance with philosophy and mission of our school. Two students from the middle and high school will be appointed for the PTSA Board.




Quarter 1
Honor Roll
6th Grade
Principal’s Honor Roll Regular Honor Roll               Cumulative
Jonathan Irwanto Satya Clemetson                       
Kaylee Zamora Kelly Crisco                                 
  Tracy Gala                                   
  Julian Gaviria                             
  Jason Holland                             
  Kennedy Holland                       
  Isaac Jean                                 
  Brianna JeanMarie                     
  Mason Koczwara                       
  Jessica Lazarre                         
  Gabrielle Nicoleau                     
  Hugh Sthilaire                             
  India Taylor                                 
  Sofia Prado                                 
  Rame Perera-Olivo                     
  Mondy Robert                             
2 16
7th Grade
Principal’s Honor Roll Regular Honor Roll                 Cumulative
Enzo Larralde Estella Dunham                           
Eric Mendez Gianfranco Echeverry                 
Meike Pardo Sofia Heredia                               
Sheila Rangel-Balleri Sebastian Hernandez                 
4 Liam Humbles                               
  Jayda Bilboat                               
  Shamaria Brown                         
  Torianne Brunson                       
  Ethan Bustard                             
  Samantha Kodsi                         
  Isabela Martir                             
  Sofia Mateo                                 
  Keenan McLaughlin                   
  Mateo Rodriguez                       
  Cey’erra Theoc                           
  Ayanna Wint                               
8th Grade
Principal’s Honor Roll Regular Honor Roll                 Cumulative
Audrey Romanik Brittney Moreau                         
Sophonie Desroches Alexis Nicoleau                         
Dilhan Flores Melanie Perez                           
Olivia Auster Jianna Renard                           
Jenna Boerner Valeria Rodriguez                     
Annette Chu Alexander Fernandez               
Caroline Leckband Joseph Gay                               
Kaylin Rolle Luca Giannattasio                     
Kara Semelfort Janae’ Hayes                           
Skye Duong Shawn Herbert
10 Ayhan Aksu                         
  Silvia Barroso                             
  Jefferson Kassidy                       
  Matthew Sammons                     
  Kimberly Schweiger                   
  Camrin Thompson                     
  Erika Wilder                               
9th Grade
Principal’s Honor Roll Regular Honor Roll                 Cumulative
Michael Jules Roland Aristide                         
David Leckband Alexander Bramble                   
Elias Rangel-Balleri Kenneth Brown                         
Nathaniel Vincent Alancea Gonzalez                     
4 Amair Jadallah                         
  Woodlyn Jules                           
  Toyin Marable                           
  Marjhury Mercado                     
  Nasir Perera-Olivo                   
  Guyania Pierre-Charles           
  Shammae Shackleford             
  Anthony Sinclair                       
  Benjamin Wilson                     
  Cassandra Wysong                 
10th Grade
Principal’s Honor Roll Regular Honor Roll                   Cumulative
Christelle Morency Alexa Aloisi                             
Chloe Piloto Vershon Charles                           
Riley Salameda Rosa Cisnero                               
Julissa Tello Kervens Constant                         
Tristin Venger Chloe Cravello                             
5 Genny Dalien                               
  Shauna-Kay Debrosse                 
  Otniel Delgado-Perez                   
  Bryana Desamour                         
  Sachelle Durand                           
  Jocelyn Evins                               
  Christopher Felix                           
  Daniela Florindez                         
  Faith Gonzalez                             
  Yaa Tia Graham                         
  Taryn Graves                               
  Hannah James                           
  Ian Lares-Chacin                         
  Mary Pena                                   
  Rick Pierre                                   
  John Rodriguez                           
  Meredith Rodriguez                     
  Sasha Rodriguez                         
  Sherina Scurvin                           
  Abigail Sime                               
  Sachy Sotelo                               
  Abygaelle St. Jean                     
  Jennifer Sylvain                           
  Natnael Tewolde                           
11th Grade
Principal’s Honor Roll Regular Honor Roll                   Cumulative
Kayla Joseph Cassidy Ambrose                     
Zeyris Rodoli-Contrer Nataly Argueta                         
2 Kelly Benson                           
  Briah Byrd                               
  David Castillo                           
  Shelsy Cherrelus                     
  Diane Cineas                           
  Tyler Colebrooke                     
  Chandeline Cyriaque             
  Cacilia Deshommes               
  Angel Diaz                               
  Marie Mackenzie                     
  Ashly Major                             
  April Margliano                       
  Anabelle Martelly                   
  Isis-Nea Mercado                   
  Damian Moreau                     
  Katherine Murray                   
  Sophia Nazaire                     
  Katlyn Needham                   
  Damien Perry                         
  Daffkine Pierre                       
  Josey Dumas                         
  Shekinah Erinac                   
  Nixe Francois                       
  Briana Gonzalez                   
  Leidy Iglesias                       
  Alexandra Kretzschmar         
  Maya Levy                           
  Sarah Reynold                     
  Paul Ruiz                             
  Nicolas Scatena                   
  Cassandra Sookdeo           
  Shemicka Verty                   
  Jude Wakim                         
12th Grade
Principal’s Honor Roll Regular Honor Roll                   Cumulative
Sophia Carney Caridad Borrego                 
Tristan Cravello Kathiana Brini                           
Rubria Roche Anthony Brown                         
Christy Tellez Jonas Charles                           
4 Laura Denavar                         
  Ishama Erinac                           
  Jonathan Gill                             
  Joseph Itkoff                             
  Tyler Law                                   
  Jossie Louis                               
  Mannan Mamgain                     
  Adriana Padilla                           
  Aatri Patel                                   
  Ydonelia Perez                         
  Kevin Raphael                           
  Aaron Romanik                         
  Nathalie Thelusma                     
  Stacy Trevol                             
  Shania Valcourt                         
  Duclaison Vermeil                     

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