Standardized Testing

See the Testing Information page for details about Standardized Testing.


Tests, Major Projects & Papers

It is our goal to limit the number of tests given in a day to two. Students should not have more than two tests, major projects and papers scheduled or due in any one given day in grade level courses. If a student is in a mixed grade level course or an elective, he/she may expect from time to time to have more than two tests, major projects and papers due per day. Faculty makes every effort to collaborate with each other in avoiding such situations.    

Test Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
All Odd Even
Math Math PE English/Language Arts English/Language Arts
 Science Science Other Electives Social Studies Social Studies 
Music  Music    Spanish Spanish 


Make-up Work
Make-up work is allowed for excused absences. Students will make arrangements directly with teachers to schedule any make-up work (graded work missed due to an absence) as soon as the student returns to school. A medical appointment scheduled in conflict with a make-up test/quiz will not be considered an excuse for missing the exam. A teacher’s specific make-up policy will be included in his/her course syllabus. Students and parents are expected to be fully familiar with these policies. Students who miss make-up tests/quizzes will receive a "zero".


Semester Exam Make-up
If a student is very ill or has an emergent medical treatment and cannot take a semester exam, the academic counselor must be notified before the scheduled exam time. Only then will the academic counselor schedule a new date for a make-up semester exam. If a student’s absence the day of a semester exam is for any reason other than documented extreme illness, the student may receive a "zero" at the discretion of the Executive Director.


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