Dress Code
All students are to keep their uniforms in good condition and must wear the proper uniform while on campus or while representing their school at events off campus. Only white T-shirts may be worn under the Doctors Charter School uniform shirt. If a uniform is not in good condition or a student is out of uniform, the student may not be permitted to attend class. Time out of class will not count towards the “time in school” requirements. Parents may be called to bring appropriate attire.

Uniform Policy
The appearance of the students is of paramount importance to us as we believe that pride in our appearance enhances the educational process because it focuses students’ interests in the academic program and not in physical appearance.

The following is the uniform policy (from the Student Parent Handbook) that is endorsed by the school.  Students are required to follow this policy.  For consequences, see the Code of Conduct.

All Students
1) All students are required to wear pants, shorts, or capris purchased from the school’s contracted uniform company, Chai-Tees. Pants that are too big or too tight for the student are not acceptable and will be deemed in violation of the uniform code. Pants must be worn at waist level. Loose or low hanging pants will not be tolerated. Shorts are allowed under the same guidelines.

2) Polo shirts in the designated colors, purchased from the school’s contracted uniform company, must be worn. Alternatively, blue button-down shirt bearing the school logo may be worn. No other shirt colors or styles are permitted. A maximum of 2 buttons may be left unfastened at the top of any shirt. All other buttons must be closed.

4) A plain white t-shirt may be worn underneath shirts. Sweaters, jackets, and sweatshirts with the school logo must be purchased from the school’s contracted uniform company. Hoods in sweatshirts may not be up in class or in school grounds at any time.

5) Shoes must be closed toe and closed heel. No heels are allowed.

6) Students are expected to adhere to moderation with regard to styles in jewelry, makeup, nail polish, and natural looking hair colors. Students may not have any visible tattoos, body markings, or body piercing jewelry other than those permitted on the ears.

7) Uniform must be clean and pressed at all times. Students are expected to exhibit groomed hair, skin and fingernails.

8) All headgear (hats, scarves, bandanas) are forbidden on school property, except for religious reasons.

9) No buttons, tags, or labels may be worn on the school uniform unless approved by the administration.

P.E. Uniform
The P.E. uniform may not be substituted for the approved regular school uniform. Each student is required to purchase and wear the Doctors Charter School P.E. uniform to P.E. class and other P.E. events. The uniform consists of blue shorts, light blue or grey T-shirt with school logo, tennis shoes and white socks. The P.E. uniform can be purchased from the PTSA . Students who do not dress out or wear the appropriate P.E. uniform cannot participate in class that day and their P.E. grade will reflect their lack of participation for that day. Students will be allowed time to change before and after Physical education classes.

Athletic Wear Policy
Athletes will be assigned dismissal times for practice and game days; once they are dismissed they may change into the athletic wear as required by their respective coach for that day. On game days only, athletes will be allowed to wear the team game jersey (tucked in) and team jacket during the school day. To promote the school spirit (i.e. esprit-de-corps) all team members must wear the same jersey and jacket, if not this privilege will be revoked for the entire team.

Information regarding purchasing uniforms may be found at Chai-tees.com.

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